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What is VIVE Health & Wellness?

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It’s a  revolutionary,

comprehensive health

transformation program,


born out of over 30 years of combined clinical experience and our own personal health crises.  At the age of 33, Dr. Kristen Kells weighed over 200 pounds and was stressed out, burned out, and starting to feel hopeless.  She realized that something had to change for her and her family. That realization began her journey back to vibrant health and a subsequent 80-pound weight loss.  The science and secrets that she used to get well became the backbone of the VIVE Health & Wellness.  Around the same time, Dr. Eric Shuemake was becoming increasingly burdened by watching people use yo-yo diets, incomplete programs, and confusing, contradictory advice that left them worse off than when they started.  Together, they went back to the drawing board to find something that actually creates long-term health transformation with incredible results along the way.  Although we regularly see people lose 30 pounds or more, VIVE is not designed as a weight-loss program, but a health transformation program.




Are you tired of information overload, the next new craze, blog after blog, a billion health websites with no one to trust, massive contradiction, paralysis by information, and no one to put it all together for you?


Click each heading below to see what VIVE is NOT and see how our approach to health is different.

  • ...a fad diet

    VIVE is...Health Transformation

    VIVE is not another “diet” but a total health transformation through cellular detoxification, hormone balancing, supplementation, and comprehensive lifestyle guidelines to support a long, healthy life. Weight loss is just a side effect.


  • size fits all

    VIVE is...Customized

    We recognize that everyone is uniquely created with their own individual goals and concerns. After an initial consultation, our professional medical staff personalizes a program to best fit your needs.



  • ...treating Symptoms

    VIVE is...Comprehensive

    In the health industry, most programs are driven by treating the symptoms and not the underlying programs. VIVE takes a total comprehensive approach by looking at one’s body and health as a whole and treating it as such.


  • ...quick fix

    VIVE is...Lifetime

    VIVE’s proven intensive programs are designed to equip clients with all the knowledge and tools to not only start their journey to health, but continue it for a lifetime.



    VIVE is...Natural

    The human body is an incredible healing machine. Our goal is not to hinder it with surgery, chemicals, and harmful procedures, but to use nature that to get it back to way it was intended.



  • ...pre-packaged meals

    VIVE is...Real Food

    The best food is real food. Through weekly menu plans, grocery lists, and easy to follow recipes, VIVE’s Intensive Programs consist of real, delicious meals of all varieties. VIVE works with top-of-the-line labs to create cutting-edge support products, including functional food programs, snack bars, and pharmaceutical grade supplements.


  • ...extreme workout plans

    VIVE is...Fast and Effective Workouts

    We use the science of high intensity interval training for a highly effective workout in 12 minutes a day.  Adding in our whole-body vibration therapy multiplies your efforts 6-8x to achieve fast lean muscle development.

Can You Benefit?

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Difficulty losing belly fat
  • Inability to stick to a healthy eating plan
  • Gaining back lost weight
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Low energy or motivation
  • Hormone problems like:

          hot flashes, night sweats, irritability,

          and mood swings

  • Waking up exhausted
  • Severe fatigue after lunch
  • Anxiety or too much stress
  • Brain fog
  • Chronic pain or arthritis

Do any of these five characteristics of

“Millennium Syndrome” apply to you?

1. Weight-Loss Resistance.  Dieting repeatedly, losing only a few pounds before hitting a plateau, and then being unable to keep the weight off.  Cravings for carbs and sugars never leave.

2. Hormone Dysregulation.  Night sweats, mood swings, hot flashes, PMS, and decreased sex drive are just a few symptoms.

3. Adrenal Fatigue.  Decreased immunity, waking exhausted, severe fatigue after lunch, and inability to sleep at bedtime.

4. Brain Chemical Imbalance.  Anxiety, poor sleep, irritability, depression, and lethargy could all be linked to the brain.

5. Toxicity.  Brain fog, allergies, weight-loss resistance, and chronic pain are all signs of toxicity due to common environmental toxins.



Transformational Events

“A goal without a plan is just a dream,” someone wise once said.  This is why information alone rarely gives way to transformation.  We may make goals with hopes and dreams, but it’s what you put into action, the plan that you create, that leads to transformation!  But how?


There are more websites, “wellness books,” and experts on TV than ever before, leading to information overload.  Who do you listen to?  How do you actually make it all work?  You need a way to cut through the noise and find out how to apply what works in real life.  That’s where our live Transformational Events come in.  Dr. Eric and Dr. Kristen are known for creating seminars and weekend retreats that are among the most impactful of their kind anywhere.  Their energetic, accelerated teaching style can speed up the process of change and help you achieve rapid transformation in your life.  After being immersed in a supporting environment and getting the tools you need to succeed, you will leave with a sustainable plan for real transformation!


Corporate Wellness

Dr. Kristen and Dr. Eric have years of experience working with businesses, organizations, groups, and churches to help them reach their wellness goals.  Using the same principles that we teach our clients, we have created interactive workshops and educational talks tailored to your organization’s needs.  We also provide health fair events and comprehensive corporate wellness programs.  Our goal is to empower and educate the community on taking their health into their own hand.  If you are interested in learning more about what we can offer your business or organization or to see a list of workshop topics, please contact us at or 719.663.8385

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Real People. Real Results.

Our Clinic

Welcome to Our Clinic

Here at VIVE Health & Wellness we have created programs that are based on the best science available, clinical experience, and our own personal journeys to help you reach your highest level of health.  VIVE's Intensive Programs are customized plans that get quick results through our health care team’s support, love, and accountability.  We offer cutting-edge therapies to include far infrared sauna, vibration platform workouts, alkaline water, and targeted supplement protocols.  Our specialized lab testing gives us insight to how your adrenal function, neurotransmitters, and hormone imbalances are affecting your health.  As a comprehensive approach, these natural therapies work together to enable intense detoxification, allowing your body to shed dangerous belly fat, balance your hormones, improve mood, lift brain fog, regulate sleep and increase energy!  Through our four-phase customized process, you will Release, Reboot, Reignite, and Reclaim your health and your life!




6210 Lehman Drive, Suite 202

Colorado Springs, CO 80918


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VIVE has staff comprised of

health & wellness industry leaders

Dr. Kristen Kells, DC

Dr. Kristen Kells’ mission is to transform the health of our nation one family at a time.  As she researched and studied across the world, she was burdened that there was not a quality program that encompassed all the tools and support needed for a successful transition into a full and healthy life.  Along with Dr. Eric Shuemake, D.C., they brought together over 30 years of research and practice into VIVE Health & Wellness to do just that.

Dr. Kristen earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Calgary and her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota.  For the past 13 years, she has dedicated herself to building one of the largest and most successful natural health clinics in the world.  As a highly recognized health and wellness expert, Dr. Kristen lectures frequently on wellness, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, and stress management to corporations, businesses, churches, athletes, and coaches.  Dr. Kristen was honored to travel as Team Chiropractor for USA Wrestling to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Dr. Kristen resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her husband Mark and children Jana, Lindsey, and Joshua.  When not in the office, the Kells love to ski, camp, and hike.


Rebecca Achey, RN, CHC

Rebecca Archey worked in the healthcare field for over 15 years, serving everyone from infants to the elderly.  She witnessed many patients who lived long lives, but in progressively declining health.  Moved by this observation, she set out to find a sustainable quality of life, starting with her own personal health.  Rebecca comes from a family who struggles with weight, and overcame many unhealthy habits, including binge and emotional eating, in order to transform her life.

Rebecca earned her BSN from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She worked as a charge nurse and staff nurse in inpatient and outpatient settings, and was highly praised by both doctors and patients.  Rebecca earned her certification in health coaching (from ACE) and provided private and group coaching to empower clients to live whole and healthy lives.  Rebecca has extensive training in functional medicine with a special focus on hormone optimization, adrenal dysfunction, brain chemistry optimization, and detoxification. She is passionate about helping people transform their health through preventative care, and feels that her position at VIVE Health & Wellness is the perfect blend of her skills and passions.

In her free time, Rebecca loves hiking and camping in the Colorado mountains with her husband Joe, vacationing at the beach, and curling up with a good book.


Dr. Eric Shuemake, DC

Dr. Eric Shuemake has a passion for empowering people to live up to their true health potential by helping change how they view and manage their health.  This vision compelled him to found VIVE Health & Wellness with Dr. Kristen Kells.  He currently owns one of the largest natural health clinics in the world in Centennial, Colorado.

Dr. Eric earned his B.S. in Communications from Florida State University in Tallahassee, and his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Parker College in Dallas, Texas.  As an author and well-known motivational speaker, he creates health seminars that are among the largest and most life-changing anywhere.  Dr. Eric’s energetic teaching style helps people effect change and achieve rapid transformation in their health.  Dr. Eric speaks frequently in the Colorado area, in varied venues such as schools, companies, and organizations.  He regularly travels nationwide, training doctors and students with the most current health information and techniques.  He has also led health mission trips to Mexico and Guatemala.

Dr. Eric lives in Aurora, Colorado and is married to Janna, whom he met at chiropractic college.  They are the proud parents of two children, Samantha and Dylan.  Dr. Eric enjoys golfing, cycling, and reading.


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We know you are tired of failing. You can have results that last—empower yourself and break this destructive cycle!  Your VIVE life can start NOW.  Call or e-mail us to schedule your initial consult or to simply ask us a question.



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